YouTube video’s now in your Mobiles by Launching HTML5 Sites for Mobiles

Google‘s video sharing website upgrade there mobile version on Thursday.The new is the root where success have no ends,it has great features as well as high quality video playback in the browser using HTML5.

Those mobiles that support HTML5′s <video> tag e.g:iPhones,iPads and Android phones,one thing that you should aware is when you click on thumbnail, the video loads inside a new browser-based player.

YouTube video's now in your Mobiles by Launching HTML5 Sites for Mobiles

In iPhone YouTube‘s old native app,taking you out of the browser and play video in player even that if you are playing the video on YouTube you should install a bookmark on your home screen.These complicated steps to play a video keep people away to play videos on cell phones.

It works same as work on your notebook or pc,you can share,rate and comment with touch or click it’s so easy to use.This new update support these browsers i-e:Opera,Microsoft’s Explorer,,Mozilla’Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

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