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Free Music Apps

As we all know that iPhone is not able to keep or hold good amount of music. So, one thing is sure that soon you will get tired of your music selection. If you don’t want to get bored and you are the one who listens to music a lot then these apps are for you. I am sure that you will discover new and very interesting music. One doodad is that these all are absolutely free to download.

 The Kollection: If you are fed up of the old songs that are repeatedly played on your radio stations. If you are really curious to discover new and interesting music from various artists that you have never heard before then Kollection is a superb app to start with. This app proffers you fresh selection of music which is updated daily. The music selection is organized into four genres: hip hop/rap, dubstep, electro, and indie. You will also find some unique remixes from the artists like Nirvana and Madonna. Continue reading


Voice Messages via uWhisp

In the fast evolution of technology not only in our daily life but also education life style is changed abruptly. And this Information Age has allowed rapid global communications and networking to shape society.  It’s safe to say that with some of our friends, we communicate with them almost exclusively via social networks such My Space, Twitter and Facebook. Though the typed messages on these social networks not covey your sentiments to the receiver not in a true way. And this job can be more effectively is performed by your voice.


The intensity of your voice pitch, enhance the importance. So, uWhisp is a very good and useful app. I’ll tell you about the history of uWhisp in short. Four students Iuri Aranda, Joan Casas, Miquel Las Heras and Miquel Puig, graduated from Spain’s Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya created uWhisp. It is a basically a plug in which can be used on existing social networks. It allows the users to send pre-recorded voice messages. Continue reading


Top 5 Best Free apps For the iPhone Beginner

Here are some application for the beginner of iPhone user.

1. Google Search .

Google search for the official iPhone app that turns the iPhone more useful to the standard Google search. First and foremost is the voice search, which allows you to speak in the application, and Google translate the text in the search. E ‘surprisingly accurate. I use it when writing is impractical, such as walking on the sidewalk. But is not the only trump card is the application. A feature called Google Goggles, you can take a picture of the iPhone and submit it to the search query. Google Goggles to identify brands and products, barcode, and landmarks like the Eiffel tower in the image and return to the search results. You can also read the text, images, such as signs and business cards. You can also solve Sudoku puzzles!Another neat feature is the Google results, which show the results as you type, and often save you the trouble of writing the perfect query. App also keeps a history of research, if you want to quickly review the latest research and privacy issues, you can erase the history of the app as well. Access also offers access to other Google search products, like Google News and images, and move quickly to Gmail and Google Voice.iPhone Apps for beginner

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The best Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iPhones

As I have told you about the top cydia apps yesterday. The list included apps that were approved by Apple and, as a result, available in the traditionally-used App Store. As most iPhone users know, there is another side to the app world. Known to the world as Cydia, it is much like an alternate dimension that contains its own treasure trove of apps that Apple would never consider approving due to the fact that they use the jailbroken infrastructure to bypass restrictions on functionality and use that Apple has deemed necessary.

We’re not discussing the how-to or ethics of jailbreaking with Greenpois0n or any other tool. We’re not debating the potential impact of invalidating your warranty with Apple. We’re also not going to discuss things like Hackulous or how to jailbreak your device. These are all things you can research on your own, in order to make the decision that best suits you. The list of apps is provided with the assumption that you’ve already jailbroken your new Verizon (or AT&T) iPhone and want to know which apps have the greatest potential to make your iPhone life better.

iPhone Cydia Apps Free

We’re keeping it simple by listing the app’s name and a brief description of what the authors states is its function. They may have a price associated with them. You’ll be informed if they do, prior to installing them. Additionally, please be sure to read the advisories and disclaimers at the bottom of the post before installing anything:

  • MyOs – Allows enabling/disabling of features (e.g. multitasking,Unified iPod, etc.) without editing .plist files
  • FastSnap – Allows the hardware volume button to be used as camera/video controls
  • qTweeter - Update and read Facebook and Twitter status. Activates with a swipe of the status bar.
  • Folder Enhancer – Provides more granular control over folders, the number of allowable icons, creation of subfolders, and hiding of folders.
  • Grid Tab for Safari – Allows open tabs within Safari to be displayed in a grid pattern, versus requiring left/right scrolling to view them.
  • AppSync for iOS 4.1/4.2 – Allows for manual installation of .ipa files. (Read: Install apps without using iTunes.)
  • biteSMS – Enhanced SMS messaging app that includes privacy, emoticon, signatures, delivery reports and more.
  • CyDelete - Allows for the deletion of Cydia-installed apps via the normal iPhone app hold & tap deletion method, instead of opening Cydia to delete it.
  • Five Icon Dock – Let’s you place five icons in the iPhone dock, versus the default four.
  • Five -Column Springboard – Arranges apps in five icons on your iPhone, versus the default four.
  • Gridlock – Allows you to place your icons anywhere and in the pattern of your choice, instead of four to a row.
  • Home Page in Safari – Easily reset your homepage within Safari for iPhone by tapping the “+” icon.
  • iFile for iOs4 – Access, manage and edit the file system on your iPhone to control features like multitasking, wallpapers, battery percentage, etc.
  • Infinifolders – Allows you to add more than the default twelve apps within a folder and navigate within folders via vertical scroll.
  • Fake Operator – Adds a sub-menu within Settings, which can be accessed to change the carrier from the default to a customized one.
  • MobileTerminal 426 – Terminal emulator for the iPhone providing traditional system administration functions. (Read: Experts only)
  • MobileVolumeSound – Adds the traditional Mac volume sound when raising/lowering the iPhone’s volume.
  • OpenSSH – Allows you to connect to your iPhone, via SSH, over WiFi, in order to transfer files to/from it.
  • Remove Recents – Removes icons of apps from the Multitasking Drawer (what you seen when you double-tap Home button) if the app doesn’t support multitasking.
  • SBSettings – Allows you to access common settings (e.g. Enable 3G, WiFi, etc) and functions (e.g. Take screenshot) via customized screen swipes, taps, double-taps, etc.
  • Serious SBSettings HD – Optimized Retina theme for SBSettings
  • UserAgent Faker - Similar to Safari Developer Tools for Mac that allow you to emulate another browser such as FireFox.
  • 3G Unrestrictor – Allows you to configure traditionally WiFi-only apps like FaceTime to function on 3G. Also allows for bypassing of 10Mb size limits in App Store downloads.
  • FullScreen Safari – Allows for toggling of Safari browser into full screen mode and includes support for multi-touch gestures.
  • HD SBSettings – Customized theme for SBSettings that makes it resemble the clean website.
  • Open Notifier - Adds notification icons to the iPhone’s status bar.
  • Shrink – Allows you to decrease the size of your iPhone icons to achieve a cleaner and less cluttered look.
  • SB 2 Cloud – Lets users configure screenshots to be uploaded in the background to Cloud app immediately upon taking them and automatically copies the shortened URL to the clipboard for easy sharing.
  • Voice Activator - Enhances the iPhones voice activated command functionality by allowing the use of voice commands to open apps, navigate to websites, toggle options like WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplane mode, reboot the device and take screenshots.
  • BytaFont – Allows for the customization of display fonts on the iPhone, versus using the default, built-in font.
  • TV Tube Sleep – Customizes the behavior of the iPhone when the Sleep button is pressed by displaying an animation that resembles the turning off of 20th Century, tube television sets.
  • My3G – Provides the same functionality provided by 3G Unrestrictor, as described above in the list.
  • MyWi 4.0 – Allows iPhone users to share their devices 3G connection via WiFi or USB/Bluetooth tethering and supports unencrypted and encrypted sharing. (Note: To be used cautiously if not on an unlimited data plan)
  • AdBlocker – Blocks ads from appearing in Safari, as well as within apps that include advertisements.

Watch TV on iPhone

You can’t stop yourself from watching TV shows and movies once you get iPhone 3Gs. You can easily become addicted to it. By saying watching TV on iPhone, either it means watching live TV or watching pre-recorded stuff.

If you are interested in watching live TV on your iPhone, there are some applications but these only works with WiFi and not 3G. Though if you some additional hardware for your computer then you can entertain yourself with actual live TV on your iPhone 3G. Each and everything is explained below.

Apps to Watch TV on the iPhone

Let’s go through those applications that are currently in the App Store and will let you watch pre-recorded and live video on the iPhone.


TVU allows you to watch over 300 channels live worldwide. It costs $5 but yet it only works over WiFi. The basic feature of this TVU includes favorites, search and landscape mode reviewing. There isn’t any limit on the amount of time you watch TV.


netTV works over 3G but it is not as polished as TVU. It has been complained about bad program guide, slow video loading and some other types of problems. Although, it has about 200 channels from around the world and that you can watch in full screen over 3G.

Through you are able to watch pre-recorded videos from several networks, which include CBS, NBC, CNET and many others. A good aspect of this program is that it works over both WiFi and 3G. But sometimes the video quality is grainy.


By using Television you can watch videos from top sources like CNN, CBS, FOX, Comedy Central, ESPN, and more. But currently it only supports WiFi network.

How to Watch Live TV on the iPhone

If you want a true live TV on the iPhone and the ability to access all the channels then you need to go a little further than iPhone apps.

OrbLive for iPhone

This app is useful in streaming music; video and pictures form your desktop home computer to your iPhone. OrbLive can not only stream your webcam to your iPhone but it can also stream live TV too and it costs $10.

For this purpose you are required to have TV Turner card installed n your computer. Extra $100 cash however, if you want to access all your cable and satellite channels live on the iPhone then you need to buy one. This app also works over 3G which is a major advantage.

SlingPlayer Mobile

Through SlingPlayer y ou can also stream all channels live to your iPhone. Yet it works over WiFi but there are rumors that it will work over 3G soon. By using SlingPlayer you can not only control your TV but can also control your DVR, Apple TV and some security cameras.

Android Apps – 2011

Everyday there is an increase in Android apps. These all applications are so amazing that we don’t to miss any of them. So, below are some new apps of Android for the year 2011.

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

This app helps the users to find the cheapest gas prices from the best gas stations around the country. By using your cell phone GPS, this application lists those gas stations that are nearby to the user’s current location and the prices at which the gas stations are selling the fuel. This app also includes the features to sort out by fuel type i-e premium, regular and diesel. With this app you can also sort those gas stations that are at a distance from the current station.

Sound Hound

Actually this app is a song and lyric recognition software. If you hear a song or a tune and you are unable to recognize it or more information is required to you related to a song, you can use this app for a quick research. This app work in such ways that after listening to a short clip of the song or tune, the app will show artist name or the lyrics of the song. The more interesting thing about this app is that it can easily recognize a song or tune from even a bad attempt to hum or sing it.

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Language Translation Apps for Android Phones

The world in which we live is so big. Thus there is a big population which belongs to different regions and cultures. And in these cultures different languages are spoken. So, everyone may don’t have command over other various languages unless he is a genius. As you’re living in this world, so you have to interact with the people who are unknown to you and their language as well. Hence, below is some help for you in this regard in the form of language translators.



This application works in two ways; it will not only translate your language into a foreign language but also translates back it to your own language. This application is one of the best language translators for Android phones. This app can translate 48 languages. An outstanding feature of this app is that it can speak the text (translation). This feature can be used as a pseudo translator. Now you and your phone can place order in Italian and can speak to your Japanese counterparts.


MacDroid Translator

It is quite useful application. At times it is quite complex to identify that which foreign language it is. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 4 Review

Finally Apple iPhone is available with its new stunning design and exciting features along with the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system i-e iOS 4. It is also said that it is the most successful launch by Apple yet.

The new iPhone 4 have 3.5 inch multi-tasking touch widescreen display with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels. It has a 1GHz A4 processor along with 512MB RAM. In storage capability you have choice of 16GB or a 32GB in addition there is 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A-GPS and a digital compass. Continue reading

Top Android Apps

Just like other new things are used by people, there are a number of people who use android too. For this purpose new apps are introduced and given to the people so that they may make use of it and enjoy android with the apps. These apps  help the users to download and stay up to date with the latest images and downloads and also to keep in contact with friends and family. Follwoing is the list of Top android apps which can be useful for you.

ASTRO File Manager:

ASTRO file manager is one among the best androis apps which helps the users to have a look in their SD card and accessible internal memory. Moreover, it also wiht this app you can even send files and other email attachments. this app is also useful as it has a built-in task killer.


WaveSecure is an app which helps in securing your phone by locking your contacts, messages and every file you have in your phone. Other than this it also helps in locating a phone which may have a GPS in it.

PDA Net:

This app is used for the usage of internet. It’s price is 30$ and the free trail cna also be accessed to you but while using free trial you cna only access to few websites. Purchasing this app is not be a big deal as it is cheap.


Shopper helps the users in uploadin the data of the image to the googles server as it has the capability of capturing it and then trasferring it.


The SlideScreen helps in giving your screen a new look and different from your usual Desktop PC’s. Continue reading