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Facebook Going To Sell Its Share Worth Of 1billion Through IPO.

The giant social networking site, Facebook, will have its first IPO (Initial Public Offering) sometime soon and Mark Zuckerberg is planning to offer stock worth 1.67 billion dollars to pay off the accrued tax as he plans to purchase 120 million shares.
Zuckerberg will have accrued taxes on the company’s Sale of options. These options were given to the CEO in the starting years of Facebook and are valid till 2015. Basically, Zuckerberg claims that by selling the stock, the company will be able to pay off its liabilities.
In simple terms, this means that the money that Mark Zuckerberg will get out of the sale will only be used in order to pay off all the accrued taxes which the CEO will have to pay on his purchase of the shares of the company. Continue reading

Facebook new Software of tagging


Washington-On Afternoon of Wednesday Facebook Engineer Justin Mitchell announced on a Blog post that: An update of software of tagging photos on facebook, that software update could be launched next week.

This update contain a change that if you upload any photo on facebook and tagging a name on it will automatically shown on every picture of that face, for example; you upload an album of your cousin’s wedding if you tagg a bride face than all photos of bride shows his name, you do’nt have to tagg every picture.

Facebook not share more details of this software itself, but the spokesman tells that some of the technology was built in the house, he also told that this will initially available for United States users.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Facebook recently. In early December, Facebook launched a redesign of user profiles in conjunction with Mark Zuckerberg’s widely-watched 60 Minutes interview.

Oh yes, and he’s the Person of the Year, if you haven’t heard already. With a cover shot like the one Time ran, Zuck’s face will be one for all to recognize.

Facebook finally introduces E-mail service

PH2010111503897 Monday in SAN FRANCISCO is the new morning when facebook officially introduces an E-mail service and converted social media networking into ‘modern messaging system’ and equipped it with e-mail, chat and text messaging.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg express his feelings about the young generation that it is more helpful and reliable route of communication, most of the users are uses text messaging service and this service is becoming more popular.

Facebook members can also receive a special e-mail address if they choose, this new service will rolled out slowly and will be available by invitation only.

This announcement is emergently revealed by facebook because most of the rumors about e-mail service, AOL on Sunday unveiled a preview of “Project Phoenix”  that is the code name of similar revamp of its e-mail product that includes integration with instant about text messaging and facebook and twitter update.

Facebook become a giant in social networking with 500 million active members, users can get all advantages in that service which users get in a simple e-mail provider that is Microsoft office web Apps, word, Excel and Power Point documents attached to messages.

Get start E-mail through facebook

imagesCA8S5KAX This news is not officially published by facebook but its come to our knowledge from multiple sources, which shows that facebook is set to disclose its e-mail service to their users that’s counted about 500million and its become a social networking giant in this era of technology.

On Monday company has invited the press to revealed this news but they disclose “Gmail killer”.

Facebook will be the leading e-mail provider because it has many members as compare to Microsoft 361million, Yahoo 273million, Google’s Gmail 193 million.

For facebook account it is necessary that you have an account of any e-mail provider and different users use the facebook account thats why its members are more than every social e-mail provider.

Zuckerberg Planning About Launch Of Facebook Phone.

The Facebook founder discusses the rumors of a Facebook phone and outlines the company’s plans for the mobile industry.

When the the words “Facebook phone” first striked the web, and suggested that the gigantic social network was developing its own Facebook-branded phone the blogosphere nearly exploded. .However the rumors that Facebook was planning any hardware releases were immediately denied by Facebook, or even a branded phone, however was looking at means to more closely join together social media by means of accessible technology.  It still remains to be seen if its simply an example of the media running with a story of a possible idea or a Zuckerberg splitting hairs on what a Facebook phone is.

Zuckerberg Planning About Launch Of Facebook Phone

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